I just shared some emotional baggage with my girlfriend and she was supportive 🥺👉👈 How soon is too soon for marriage?

Transphobia, Vent 

I really hate the phobes trying to paint trans folk as trying to force gay/lesb folk to have sex with them. Like, who the heck wants to get with someone who's not into you and only doing it out of guilt? And who the heck can see someone claiming that's what trans people want and not look at them like they have a third head. We literally just want to use those labels, be included in the community and for people who do like us fire them to use the only label(s) that makes sense.

@Dee Ok but unironically this

Especially younger people have been shown to have a shifted day-night cycle, not to mention neurodivergent people or those with sleeping difficulties, the list goes on

There's a systemic problem of capitalists demanding people work at a specific time which dictates the entire rhythm of life, and a lot of society has been gaslit into thinking that's the ideal healthy cycle


Tried edibles last night. Started with 20mg and took another 20mg after losing a bet like an hour and a half in. Undeniably super high being such a beginner, but I think I handled myself well and I felt super safe with the girlfriend. Definitely not doing that again soon though

This is the perfume I got btw. Very sweet, lasts a good while, good silage, vanilla and woody/nutty undertones.

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Cashier in the pharmacy noticed my trans ring and asked if I wanted to change my name on their system. Also really helped me out with perfume. Really really lovely experience

Drugs, Alcohol 

Still kinda ambivalent on weed though, but mu god it's better than drinking. I just feel kinda calm, sleepy and touchy-feely on weed. Not something I'm looking for all the time but a couple times a week, sure?

Being drunk makes my ADHD turn up to 11 with bonus nausea. Love the taste of some spirits, but miss me with getting drunk.

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That didn't take long, getting my own dry herb vape, lol.

"Hey Natalie, what did you spend your bonus on? Bone conductive headphones and... uh... aromatherapy"

It's time to play this "did work overpay me, or is this including a bonus?" game

Ugh, why do I feel so drained on my first day off from work in a while 😓 Not usually like this

me: so, i figure in my 30s all i really care about is having cute tits and hair that's long enough to like, drape over them. after that i'll just gradually become more butch and eventually metamorphosize into kind of like a hard femme / daddy dyke

interviewer: no i mean like where do you see yourself in five years in terms of your career

going out in boymode feels like going out wearing one of those silly disguise masks with the big glasses and nose and mustache

Body Selfie, No EC 

Idfk what it is, but just feeling like my body lookin' kinda fem rn. Definitely digging it

Work, Caffine, HRT 

The caffine sacrament is complete. Ripped out and rewrote the entire save/load dialog system in 4 hours of work.

I will now sleep for approximately 7 months, can someone make sure to feed me my meds and change my estrogen patch, I wish to wake up in a feminine way.

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Work, Caffine (-), Selfie, EC 

Caffine burnout number 1, time for nap. Think I should be golden to get this work done after a quick rest

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Work, Caffine (-) 

Need to get something out today, so it's sitting improper and caffine abuse time. Not a directive from management, I've just been executive dysfunctioning and need to make sure that it doesn't look like I've done nothing when I handover for my week off

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I just want to be very clear, there are only two optimal sitting positions when working. Knee against desk & sitting cross-legged 45 degrees to the back of the chair. Less optimal but still valid is why position where both feet are on or above the top of the seat cushion.

Relationships, Love, MH+ 

I think one reason this relationship feels so different to me is that I whilst feel a strong sense of love towards her, I don't feel obsessed, which is good and healthy, and it's not like my love is any weaker - this is the most in love I've felt towards a person. There are of course other facets to it, ofc, but gah, I just feel so blessed and I'm not even religious.

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